Guangxi DaHeng Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (DAHENG MEDIA) is the first media company in the Beibu Gulf region focusing on Hard Dance Event. 

      Harddance enthusiasts from southern China,We are committed to the promotion of Chinese style electronic music and the organization of underground parties.

      Our Records ltd in China Southern, ASEAN International permanent venue – Nanning

        广西达亨文化传媒有限公司 (英文名称: DaHeng Media Co., Ltd 别称:DaHeng Music 简称缩写为:DHM) 是广西娱乐活动组织公司,正式成立于2017年7月,致力于Harddance文化的推广,自有IP:XXL Carnival 音乐季、Daheng Dance Event 室内派对等。

        公司核心理念:Positive(积极), Energetic(活力), Desirous(追求).

        DHM达亨文化全方位打造北部湾电子音乐文化氛围,公司业务囊括:实体厂牌 (DHM-RECORDS) 运营管理、旗下艺人培养管理 (锐玩工坊)、本土电音艺人经纪资源、商业演出、娱乐活动策划组织,音乐发行、版权管理,Daheng Media民俗互娱等。


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      In ancient times, the earth was in a war every day. In this turbulent era, a group of peace-loving people have been searching for four-petal periwinkle flowers. It is said that this flower symbolizes peace and never gives up, and the person who get this flower has the power to call the world. This group of people did not stop their pace of searching for flowers every day. On a stormy night, they were tired and hungry. They had to start digging grass to fill their hunger. Suddenly they found a place to glisten and everyone was close to seeing. It is the legendary four-petal periwinkle, they finally found it, so a group of people decided to establish a kingdom called Daheng, and this flower was also protected by this group forever in Daheng.